In honor of the fallen In honor of the fallen

The Aftermath
Last Updated: October 29, 2001

Home These articles and stories here I've either run across on the Web somewhere or had emailed to me. Some of these are rather serious/powerful while others are of a more humorous nature. I organized them chronological, either by the date they were written, if known, otherwise by the date that I found or received them.

Timeline of events of 09/11/01

One person's story of his day on 9/11/01, written on 9/13/01. You need to have Acrobat Reader to view this.

Open letter from Dr. Tony Kern, Lt Cool, USAF (Ret) written September 14, 2001
Tony Kern

Homily on the Terrorist Attack by Fr Sylvester - read on 09/16/01

An Eloquent Commentary by Syndicated Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. - read on 09/16/01
Leonard Pitts

This is a letter from Tamim Ansary, who grew up in Afghanistan, giving his perspective on Bin Laden, the Taliban, and Afghanistan, - read on 09/20/01
Tamim Ansary

This is somewhat amusing post from a CNN message board: "Orion Ramsey" - written 09/21/01, Original author unknown

Picture showing the various countries and how many dead and/or missing at the World Trade Center. This isn't just the US that was hurt. Dated 09/22/01 - size 186,739

The satirical newspaper "The Onion" pokes some fun at the September 11th attacks. Size - 190,583. You need to have Acrobat Reader to view this. - 09/26/01

A letter from a daughter in the Navy in Europe at the time of the attack - 09/27/01
Stay Navy

An amusing poem sent to me by a friend, talking about Osama Bin Laden, - read on 10/11/01

An interesting comparison between women of America and Afghanistan - read 10/23/01
Two Misses

An amusing/interesting argument for why retaliation is sometimes necessary - read 10/27/01

This is an editorial from a Canadian television commentator going around that was actually written back in 1973

A map showing Afghanistan and the surrounding countries